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          Real Results ABA Services encourages a mixed social group activities where all children can play and learn from each other.  Children having autism can then pay more attention, understand, self-reflect and finally be able to copy appropriate behaviors with help of our experimented team who use ABA techniques (naturalistic teaching or DDT)  in a friendly and fun way . They then implement programs targeting social, language, communication and interative missing skills in an environment allowing quick generalization and building intuitive response. Children having challenging or problem behaviors are not excluded, some may have to complete a gradual preparation program before fully intergrate a mixed social group. Please, email us at to learn more.

Red Train for Little Leaders

          Sat.17 June  11:30 Am-2 PM

             20002 Shorefield Road, 


Red Train for Little Leaders is an outdoor and social Activity for All children who like to explore and discover the world. It's a fun and animated short trip to take with friends and family

The first FIVE people to register will earn One free ticket which will be given at the event location.  

The remaining participants, please plan $3.50/Carousel ticket

Bubble's Day

Sat. 3 July  11:30 Am-2 PM

Union Square, Washington City, DC 89801

Bubble's Day is a fun and relaxing picnic with a lot of bubble and many other games and toys. 

For Children having Autism, the goal as all other of our activities is to increase social, communication and interactive skills in a natural and fun way.

All kids are welcome to come. The event is completely FREE. It's All about having a good and fun Time

Please, All Parents must stay during the whole events or as long their child is still participating at the event.

20 Minutes family challenge

Every 20th of the month, 6-8 PM


20 minutes family challenge is a playfull and fun family group virtual activity made up of storytelling, song, hand-on game and others with a lot of interaction.

Anyone can participate. For Children having Autism, the goal as all other of our activities is to target social interaction 

The challenge of each month will be posted at the last minute. This activity is not always monitored or virtually hosted by one of our staff.

Parents are invited to beat the challenge by being creative and entertaining for 20 minutes stopwatch