Center / Home Based Therapy & Telehealth

Experimented In Early Intervention

Our well trained and experimented BCBAs and Therapists will help your child overcome his challenges. Children who receive ABA therapy as early than 11/2 or 2 years have great probability to be treat and get back to their normal life. However, That greatly depends on the written treatment plan and the therapist in place. With us, we guaranty you will see improvement in communication, social, language and other skills within a month.

Telehealth & Home based Therapy

We don't let the COVID pandemic be an obstacle to the progress of our clients. Our Therapists take actions by being on site (Home based ) and over the screen ( Telehealth) to provide ABA. Leadership and love are what drive us. Our clients just not receive therapy when we come to them, we give them our expertise: Real Results in what we have chosen to do best .

"Applied Behavior Analysis"

Mega Booster Treatment Plan

ABA therapy may not be enough to get to real and effective results you are looking for but combined with other disciplines like occupational , speech, cognitive, oxygen, massage, physical therapy and others; it will. That's the reason, Our Mega Booster Treatment Plan was created. To build the network of services needed to improve our clients condition. It is a personalized team made up of other providers besides ABA which will supports and completes the limitations ABA has.

Varieties of Assessments

It always hard to see children engaging unfamiliar behaviors ( no responding to their name, decreasing verbal communication, eyes contact, flapping hands...) or disruptive behaviors ( self-injuries, aggressions, propriety destruction) as a parent. We are here to help you understand and make the change. Our team conduct Varieties assessment individual to each client and his/her needs.

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